Pratique de l'interdisciplinarité dans les Sciences Sociales 
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 The PDI (Pratiques De l’Interdisciplinarité, Practicing Interdisciplinarity) Master’s Program is a selective, highly demanding degree dedicated to interdisciplinary research in the social sciences. Master’s graduates typically become researchers, teachers, or  hold positions as cultural intermediaries in various institutions. The cohorts are generally made-up of Anthropology, History, Political Science or Sociology College majors, along with students coming back to school after gap years, and people who are already professionally active. The PDI Master is co managed by the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales ) and the ENS (École Nationale Supérieur).


While classes are taught in French, the Master’s Program welcomes applications from non-French native speakers, provided they have very good writing and understanding skills at the time of the process. The minimum level required in French speaking and writing is B2 (CECRL). Special language classes available at the EHESS and at the ENS will help non-native students to quickly improve their language skills.


 To be accepted in the program, whether as a first or as a second year student, applicants need to submit a research project. This project needs to be approved by an advisor chosen amongst the faculty from a pedagogical team ( before the final submission of the application. Applicants are warmly encouraged to contact them ahead of time.


For the upcoming year (2017-2018), admissions will be decided on June, 30 th 2017. All applications files need to be sent complete on June 15th at last. The second round of admissions will take place in September 2017. For applications and information, please contact the program administrator, Mrs Andréa Malek, (, as well as the four faculty members supervising the degree: Benoit De L'Estoile:, Alexis Spire:, Emmanuel Szurek: and Lise Bernard:

International students can apply to the International Selection, a program of the ENS that  provides them with a 24 to 36 month stipend and an accommodation on site (

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